Episode 08 | Knowing your market and getting your vision right

Episode 8 October 01, 2021 00:32:18
Episode 08 | Knowing your market and getting your vision right
Let's Get Down to Business
Episode 08 | Knowing your market and getting your vision right

Show Notes

Welcome to Series 2 of Let's Get Down to Business: The 12 vital ingredients for business success. 

This week, Malcolm joins Charlotte to discuss the first 2 ingredients: knowing your market and competition and getting your vision and purpose right.

You’ll learn why it’s so important you continually research your market and competitors, techniques on how to do this and how to differentiate yourself from your competitors with a Unique Selling Point. And why creating a concrete vision and purpose for the business is so important and how exactly to do it.

For our full 12 vital ingredients for business success blog series, head over to our website: https://www.a4g-llp.co.uk/blog/12-vital-ingredients-for-successful-business-recovery

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