Niche episode: Financial Trading and Investing – You’re making profits, now what?

Episode 8 September 03, 2021 00:22:28
Niche episode: Financial Trading and Investing – You’re making profits, now what?
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Niche episode: Financial Trading and Investing – You’re making profits, now what?

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This week partners at A4G Caroline Ward and Chris Newman discuss financial trading and investing. Whether you're new to trading or have been trading for years, they'll be something for you to takeaway. 

We’ve been acting for traders for over 25 years and receive an influx of questions every day on the difference between trading and investing and how income is taxed for each, whether you need to declare to HMRC if you’re spreadbetting, what expenses you can claim, how to best keep your accounting records to make tax efficiencies and so much more.  

If you’d like more advice head over to our website or if you’d like us to put together a personalised quote email [email protected].

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